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Royce's Rescue


Royce's Rescue is a nonprofit organization at Sommerfield Stables. We are dedicated to the rehabilitation and placement of neglected or unwanted horses, dogs and cats.


Royce's Rescue is made up of animal lovers and professionals that decided to take assertive action to help the animals in need. For more information please visit our Royce's Rescue Website or our Facebook Page. 

Royce's Rescue is proud to say we have been able to adopt 235 cats and kittens last year, getting many cold, starving and sick cats and kittens off the streets and into warm, loving homes.  


We have also helped families who could not keep their dogs for a variety of reasons and find wonderful new families for them.


In addition, in 2022 we rescued 4 new horses from the race track after their careers ended.  We were able to allow them to start a new career teaching young riders how to care for them and ride with confidence.

The 2023 Royce's Rescue Benefit Horse Show on Sunday, May 7th was a success!  Thank you to everyone who came out!


Tawnee and Grace are retiring to a quaint little barn run by Sharon Dillon in Ottsville PA along with her two older horses.  As other horses go through our programs and eventually retire, we hope this can be a great temporary, or even permanent, safe landing space for them.  They will have their own cushy stalls, an ample dry lot, and a couple grassy fields!  Tawnee and Grace are still available for adoption while they reside at "Royce's Rescue #2".  Donations would be greatly appreciated as we get the barn up and running!  Right now we are in need of cash donations, fly spray, and Swat fly repellant. 

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